who is etivaCenyo?

The name is Wesley, at times they call me Pwetley (butt boy) sad and true that I’m not gifted on that anatomical part.

Wesley Noel Oraña

Big pops to the unlucky visitor of my site. As i have said, there is nothing special and extravagant about everything, life itself is challenging, we live to fight another day! I was thinking of not re-doing my wordpress account but the one person to blame for this is Kristina. I thought I’d never read blogs again. She made me. rebuilt my reading sense.. now I’m stuck too. hehehe

Man vs Nature

Browsing this blog site will not take you anywhere special and extraordinary.. I’m just doing this as my time line basis. Not every memoirs can be remembered.. This is my life..Career..love..success…Ups and downs and possibly the coolest way I can be without pleasing somebody else, correcting my grammatical errors and worrying about the thumbs up..

the sport I fell in love with.. maximum will power

Guys don’t forget to watch Bleach, Naruto and Ippo… Thanks so much! Sayonara yare yare! ARYA! =)


5 comments on “who is etivaCenyo?

    • hahaha.. bago pa magrun, madalas mag-isip.. nauwi sa sulatin sa papel na ni-migrate sa web.. hehehe

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