8 comments on “Third Time’s The Charm

  1. Congratulations!!! proud as always!!! youre one of the inspirations why I run…so glad to have known you!!!

    Cheers to more miles!!! Recover well! You know what to do!!! hehehe God bless!

  2. Thanks teh, If we are surrounded by friends we consider family. We can finish any race without a shadow of a doubt, even if we walk to the finish limping. I cant wait for your debut! naks 🙂

  3. Congrats bro! Great blog too! We maybe just acquaintances but surely share the same passion and excitement brought by the sport. I sure share the same dream as you do, finishing a Milo Marathon since I started running. It was a great feeling and will definitely be something I’d do on a yearly basis. See you on the next run, pasabay din na din ako. 🙂

    • Salamat paps! I knew a lot of runners dreaming of finishing this marathon too, madami pala tayo hehehe. yun lang, di ako mabilis, di ako makasabay kina David at Doc Toto hahaha! wag kana sasabay sa aken mabagal lang ako 🙂

    • If you leave again without any mileage, you will be disappointed. Consider this event as your fans day hehehe.. We still have SG waiting.. thanks coach,, see you this December! 🙂

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