14 comments on “In A Real-ationship?

  1. ang emo mo talaga nitong mga panahon na ito menacio…

    anyways, yes i agree on most of what you’ve said but i guess you can’t put a timeline on your emotion, when one day you bumped into someone and you realized she is ‘the one’ that God has prepared for you… you won’t think about the 2 years, it can be tomorrow, the next day or in 10 years time :p … am sorry its from a girls perspective hehehe

    o sya wag ka na mag-emo2, mag-marga na lang, d ba sagot mo lahat!! yiiiiii

  2. wow.. etivacenyo a family man ? nice..
    mga abay kami nila chelly julie and cindz ha.. hehhehe

    But true that no matter how tough you are once you felt something to the person, you’ll do anything you never thought you can do… and everything you do together w/ that person is a great feeling…. what we only hope for is that it’ll last until our last breathe..

  3. I’ve always wondered why your eyes sometimes looked sad… Sometimes, the best way to move forward is by confiding in a friend & letting it all out. It’s good that you’re opening up a little, Wes. You’re a good person & I know everything will turn out well for you.

  4. waah its been a while since i visited your blog… haha. love this entry up to the last letter and punctuation! 🙂

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