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  1. Your breakthrough is really cryptic. It’s like a disjointed riddle, tell me what is a “copulating u-turn” and an “omega bond”?

  2. is this a game? tsk, the geek in me senses a challenge. and this geek doesn’t let up til she finds them answers or breaks the decryption. i’m gonna have to crack my knuckles tonight and call upon my googling powers to bridge the information.

    i think i have some idea of what “omega of bonds” means. remembered a lesson in Religion class about God being both the alpha and the omega while driving home.

    i’m such a geek.

  3. Methinks I cracked it. It actually inspired me to write again, maybe resuscitate my blogging in the process.


    He arrives at the agreed upon 24-hour restaurant, a dimly lit bar tucked deep in the streets of Manila. He sits at the corner booth, where the entrance doors are visible. A waitress hands him a menu. He flips over the pages, knowing exactly what to order. “Just a cold Pale.”, he said. She jots down the order, takes the menu and heads out to fill his order. She returns and he begins to consume his drink. He checks his watch, “It’s 1130pm”, he mutters under his breath, and not really surprised that his date is late. The bar is barely occupied, with the only other occupants being a couple two tables away. As he downs the rest of his Pale, the waitress walks back and asks him, “Another?”. He said, “Ok, sure.”

    As soon as his second Pale arrives, the bar’s entrance doorways swing open. She arrives in a bright red dress, donning what looks like freshly placed make-up. She smiles as she heads out to the booth where he is seated. Frazzled, she begins, “I’m sorry I’m late.” He stands up, “No matter. Your usual?”. She nods her head. They sit down. He calls the waitress and gives out his date’s usual order.

    For the next twenty minutes, each with a bottle of beer in hand, they talk of things that are important to them both, the usual couple chatter fills the air. Then like the heavens dropped a bucket of rain on a warm Summer day, her face, her mood changes from carefree to worrisome. She looks away as he extends his hand to meet hers. He stands up, seemingly in a stance that asks her to dance. She stands up, resigned to this reality, and he takes out the earpiece of his Ipod in his pocket, places one earbud in his ear, the other in hers. He sets the song to Seal’s crooning of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.”

    They dance. She begins to sob, quietly at first then she begins to shake in her tears. He brings her close to him, reassuring her of sorts, telling her non-verbally that it will soon be alright. He rests the palm of his hand in the middle of her back when Seal belts out, “What good is a love affair if we can’t see eye to eye?”. She rests her head on his shoulder. The song ends, she stops crying, and lets go of him. She looks at his eyes and he gives her one final kiss on the forehead. She says, “I’m sorry, I can’t…”. He says, “Shhh now.”.

    He looks at her one last time, too beautiful in his eyes. He leaves a 1000 peso bill under one of the bottles, and they walk over to the exit. He takes her to her car. For a moment, she sits at the wheel, perhaps contemplating whether to stay or to go. Then she opens her window, and he says, “Go.”.

  4. So, am I right on the money? I’m curious as to what your opinion is of my little, supershort story. What do you think?

    Out of sheer curiosity, I went over the older entries tonight, and there’s quite a pattern I must say. You tend to subscirbe to, what I prefer to call, “disjointed encryption” when speaking of let’s just use the term, “matters of the heart”.

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