8 comments on “the art of the heart’s despair

  1. This spurred my curiosity, enough to read it again. Curious as to the story though, but quite understanding of the emotion behind as a forlorn victim myself. I too have had many blog entries (deleted most if not all of them) to let off steam, figure things out, mirror what I felt so that I could make better sense of it all.

    Why is it so easy to stay stuck in despair than it is to find hope in the cliche of letting go, moving on? Is it because feeling miserable is a blanket that the forsaken hide under to escape the reality? Is it because we have some almost-fantastical belief that happy endings exist for struggling hearts?

  2. kinda makes me laugh… risk is involved, its either you reach the top of the mountain or crash and burn.. “some almost-fantastical belief that happy endings exist for struggling hearts?”

  3. sounds like playing poker or a night at the casino, hahaha.
    but come on, don’t you agree that not all sleeping beauties are wakened by the prince charming’s kiss?

  4. May ganon, well the prince was a fool then. Since I’ve taken an interest in your blog, apparently you write poetry as well, maybe you’ll like what I wrote years ago.

    As inspired by “Fisherman Drowning”

    In the stillness of this stark night,
    You find me, drowning.
    In waves of barren promises,
    Broken dreams, swollen hearts.

    The moon
    Reflects on your eyes bulging brightly.
    I find your hand, outstretched
    But my grip is loose on your slippery palm.

    Tonight, under your somber gaze
    I am dying your death.
    Losing you in these shallow waters
    The moonlight fades.

    So yeah, I wrote this after a boy broke my heart, I was a fool to have let him do so, but I’ve gained so much from the tragedy, the fall-out, the drama.

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